Meeting Management

On The edge productions Meeting Management

Teams face a series of challenges requiring them to work together and utilize all their resources. Our corporate team building programs create high-powered teamwork and individual breakthroughs.

Meeting Design and Facilitation:
On The Edge provides professional services to enhance the design and facilitation of all types of meetings. Quick, high-spirited energizers, engaging, fun exercises, and effective, innovative processes create meeting agendas which reach the desired outcomes in powerful, non-traditional ways. Whether it is fun ice breakers to get people to meet others in the group at the start of a meeting or conference to effective processes that facilitate developing:

  • Business strategies
  • Visioning the future
  • Creating a team of company mission statement
  • Brainstorming new ideas
  • Quality improvement
  • Clarifying shared team values

This challenge course gives business leaders a leading edge experience of the future trends in business and how they can lead their organization powerfully and successfully into the new millennium. Leadership skills in business, capitalizing on future trends and creating a vision to reinvent and rejuvenate your organization are some of the topics this course addresses.