Team Development

Moving from "ME" to "WE".

Team Development Overview

Define shared team values, practices, and goals in a supportive learning environment.

Learn to work with others effectively by practicing understanding and empathy in 1 or 2 day Team Development Seminars.

Build a functional team from the ground up with facilitated activities, discussions, and reflections that uncover individual strengths and perspectives in the context of a work environment.

Develop team trust and cohesiveness through a series of exercises, group discussions and individual reflections to create a more functional team.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leading & Working Effectively with Others

  • Managing Conflict Successfully- Resolving Disputes and Disagreements

  • Negotiation & Influence Skills
  • Building Effective Leadership & Team Skills Using Social Styles

  • The Power of Effective Communication

  • Workplace Collaboration Skills

Case Study: Team Development

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